About Purple

We are a professional design and digital marketing agency. We focus on helping your business stand out from the crowd. We want to help you excel in your marketplace by providing you a service that adds value to your business.

We don’t do bland, boring or beige – we do purple! We want your business to stand out and be recognised for being remarkable. That’s our focus for all the work we undertake at Choose Purple.

Whether it’s a website design, a new graphic or video production; Choose Purple can help you to produce that dream result. We also specialise in social media management, training and consultation. We can help you reach a new market and in turn new customers. You can find out more about our social networking options here.

We take great pride in all that we do with a clear focus on helping you stand out with high quality design and customer engagement. We working closely with each client to produce end results that both you and we are proud of. We use our experienced and creative minds to ensure that your project is delivered in budget, on time and with remarkable results.

Our values run through all that we do and drive our commitment to you. These are:

  • Service – giving you the best, every step of the way
  • Detail – leaving nothing to chance
  • Results – nothing but remarkable will do